Check out our favourite K TAPE below!

  • Relieves pain and supports muscles and joints
  • Creats neuromuscular feedback and facilitates stronger firing of muscles and tendons
  • Reinforced 100% Synthetic Fibers cover a expanded elastic core that makes KT TAPE PRO ultra-light, durable and extra-strong
  • Pre-cut into easy-to-apply ten inch strips

What Is Kinesio Tape?

The use of brightly coloured taping in sport has been around for decades, however only recently has it seen an explosion in growth, thanks to international media coverage of various sporting events such as the Beijing and London Olympics. Your favourite athletes are often adorned with blue, pink or black sticky tape in an attempt to give themselves a competitive edge over their fierce rivals. Team USA even has its own official kinesiology tape licensee: KT TAPE, which can be found here!

But does it work? Lets find out.

Is KT Tape Worth it?

So, is KT tape the miracle cure we’ve all been waiting for? Probably not. But despite that, there are various research articles published within the last 10 years that demonstrates evidence that it can have a minimal effect on reducing pain and improving range of motion in injured athletes. Despite that, it can be argued that the benefits of KT tape can be put down to the placebo effect. The placebo effect is an incredible thing in healthcare and especially within Physical Therapy. For those that aren’t aware of the placebo effect: The placebo effect is an incredible phenomenon in a “fake” treatment can sometimes improve a patient’s condition simply because the person has the expectationthat it will be helpful. I was incredibly sceptical of any taping procedures before actually using some KT tape on an ankle injury of mine. However, having both walked, ran and completed my rehab exercises with it on and without it, i’ve found that I at least perceive the tape providing more stability and I do have measurably less soreness. Lets look at the pro’s and cons.


  1. Its pre-cut strips! Seriously this is a lifesaver. Not everyone is mad enough to carry scissors around with them, and even if they did, it can be a real pain to try and cut a decent length of K tape without fraying the ends and making a mess.
  2. Its very cheap. For a product that can save you a whole host of aches and pains, it seems like a no brainer.
  3. Application. It is very easy to apply. Simply peel, stretch and place it on the affected area. KT tape also have a bunch of video guides detailing how to apply the tape for certain injuries. The video guides can be found here! 


  1. Hair. It is difficult to place the tape on certain areas if you are hairy! For men who applying the KT tape to hairy arms, they may have difficulty getting it close to the skin, and may need a trip to the waxers.
  2. Longevity. KT Tape supposedly lasts up to 7 days. I myself have only managed to keep it on for around 5 days, however that includes running, swimming and weight training.


KT tape does not offer additional rigid mechanical support like a brace or splint would, however Its purpose is three fold. It gives you tactile feedback thus aids you proprioceptively and prevents you from “over using” or re-injuring. If taped in the correct manner, KT tape can be used to reduce swelling by increasing lymphatic drainage and therefore aid in the healing process. KT Tape recommends using their website for videos for specific injuries. The main takeaway from our research is that KT tape has a hugeplacebo effect on the wearers. Much like racing stripes on a car, everyone knows racing stripes add 5 horsepower, KT tape gives you that little competitive edge over your competition and for that, it is invaluable.