What Is The Sixpad?

The Sixpad is a novel health and fitness product following in the footsteps of Slendertone and other Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). The EMS Technology is a principle which has a strong scientific background in Physical Therapy and is often used in sport for injury prevention and rehabilitation. In the early stages of the technology, EMS was introduced as a way of staving off muscle atrophy in spinal injury sufferers which can lead to a whole host of secondary problems. It is most commonly employed by Physical Therapists when treatment a patient who suffers from injury related weakness or pain. EMS Technology functions by the pushing of electrical current through the muscle, thereby causeing a contraction in the muscle without having to physically put in the hard work, reducing the need to knock out endless reps on a weight or resistance machine.

The SixPad has two available types. Firstly, there is the Abs Fit and second, there is the Body Fit. The Abs Fit is the typically well known type of electronic stimulation machine which is designed to be worn on the abdominal muscles and replace tedious exercises such as crunches. The Body Fit, as the name implies, is designed to be worn elsewhere on the arms, legs or waist. The Body Fit SixPad is available as a single pack or a twin pack which allows for working two areas at the same time. The SixPad could also be found as a Combo Pack which includes both the Abs Fit and the Body Fit sold together.

The Abs Fit SixPad, has been designed in such a manner that it matches the shape of your abdominal and oblique muscles. The Abs Fit and Body Fit are both produced from rubber which allows flexibility by contouring to your body shape. They also have a slim design which allows for the person to wear them under their clothing without being noticed by others, and people often wear them whilst at work. One thing that makes the SixPad the EMS of choice is the fact that it doesn’t have separate control units, unlike some other EMS systems which are connected to individual pads through cables. To use these, you must attach conductive gel pads to rear electrodes. One set of these is included with each of the Abs Fit and Body Fit. The gel pads help to transfer electric current into your body and easily peeled off the skin after use.

How To Use The SIXPAD

Using the SIXPAD couldn’t be simpler, first apply the gel pads, then fix the watch battery into the main control unit. After, arrange the SixPad to correspond with your muscle groups then turn on the SixPad by pressing the + button on the control unit. The SixPad has fifteen levels of intensity and can be adjusted to your preference by pressing up or down as you wish. To turn off the SixPad, press the “-”  button until you reach zero intensity.

It is advised that you first start on a low level and then gradually increase the level of intensity each time you use the device. This helps your muscles slowly adapt to the linear progression during the training stimulus. A single session runs in a distinct pattern, gradually ramping up with short bursts of current interspersed with longer durations and pulsations. Your muscles will undergo different types of contractions during this process which also allow for some short rest periods too!

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely safe and easy to set up
  • Scientifically proven to increase strength and conditioning
  • Small enough to wear throughout the day


  • Difficult to replace gel pads
  • Body fit can be uncomfortable and may require you to stop any tasks you are doing

It is important to note that the actual training experience differs largely across the different types of SixPad. The Abs Fit stands as the more comfortable and discrete of the two. This allows you to go about your day doing your usual activities without any fuss, even though you still feel it as though you’re doing a full ab workout without the tedious crunches. The Body Fit, on other hand, is a different experience which records a high level of contraction even at a low level of operation. This helps to involuntarily flex your arms and this helps in muscle stimulation. The contraction the Body Fit device is much stronger,  so strong in fact that you can rarely multi-task because your arms would keep vibrating involuntarily.